Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We have a long list of potential gifts here at Suki. Beautiful Johnny Farah leather goods, fun Hot Sox slippers and sparkly tights, Kangol Hats, Lomo cameras, chic Portolano leather gloves, a selection of Martin Margiela accessories, Colette Malouf hair accessories, cozy Clu basics, and much more. Come in and see for yourself!


We’d be happy to keep a wish list for you. Just come in, scope things out and tell us what you’d like. You may also email or call us about any item you see on this blog. We’ll keep a list on file for you and, if you’d like, discreetly send it to your loved ones if they need a little hint.


martin margiela collection necklace $195

diptyque candle $62

petit bateau stripes and solids $40 and $49

hot sox nordic slippers $24

johnny farah snake bracelet in brown and black $98

martin margiela small pochette in ruby $545

martin margiela large pochette in brown $675

johnny farah lapizero wallets in orange, brown, bronze, and silver $210 each

hot sox socks all around $10

diana camera by lomo. "shoot gorgeous, soft-focus and dreamlike images on brilliant medium format (120) film." comes with a hard cover photo book that details the history of the diana.

lomo supersampler camera $55

johnny farah grace bracelet in bone and rust $118

johnny farah cc wrap $308

johnny farah motopochette in bone and black $248