Friday, May 8, 2009

paris trip

on my recent trip to paris i was told about a special bookstore by my friend sanya.  they have any book about fashion, art,  film.  they had a giant book about french new wave film.  at some point i'll need to own it, but too heavy to carry that day and also not enough photos  of  great looking women smoking.  in the back of the store was a little gallery.  it wasn't marked but i'm pretty sure the show was a mark borthwick.  by far my favorite thing i saw this trip!  such simple almost juvenile ideas for dressing walls and showing your photos.  i've replicated a few of them and especially the little mirror.  i had a fantasy that i might keep a few mirrors in my purse so that at any time i could hang one anywhere, anytime - guerilla style.   a friend's house perhaps?  a restaurant bathroom?  maybe not my style and anyway the secret is out now.  

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